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Question: Read 6-7 years ago, book about a radio host who foils an evil scheme

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Asked by cianr on Wed 14, Jun 2017 11:58am :
All I remember about the book are details about the characters. The main
character is a radio host who, in the opening, talks about why people put
their socks on before all other clothing. 
Another character is a soldier who takes everything literally and mentions
how he can stay awake for 72 hours if needed, and is introduced by saving
the life of the main character from (I think) being run over. 
The third important character is a woman with (I think) bright blue hair
who was a former nun, and betrays them towards the end of thr book.
Finally, the last prominent character is the slightly older love interest
of the main character. I can't remember much about her character, but she
gets the last line of the book "I love you too, you (expletive) idiot."

Thank you for your time and hopefully someone can help me ^^
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