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This question was answered on Sun 25, Jun 2017 09:10pm by pdesr

Question: SOLVED! Stanley by Syd Hoff. Fiction book about a caveman who uses a rock for a pillow, builds the very first house out of stone.

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Asked by archaeocici on Wed 14, Jun 2017 12:50pm :
This was one of the very first books I ever took out of the library, so it
was probably published in 1990 at the latest. I don't remember why but the
caveman had no home or cave to live in. His first night he was so happy to
learn to use a big stone for a pillow, and then he eventually built a house
all out of the same giant stones and maybe found another caveman who helped
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Answer by pdesr on Sun 25, Jun 2017 09:10pm:
"Stanley" by Syd Hoff

" Chased away by the other cavemen because he is different, Stanley decides
he would rather not live in a cave with bats and a rock for a pillow. He
sets out to better himself and his circumstances. "

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Comment by archaeocici on Wed 21, Jun 2017 11:28am:
Yes! That's the one. Thank you very much.


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