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Question: Recent Years Book - mother with two daughters living on estate, daughter found dead

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Asked by on Wed 14, Jun 2017 02:43pm :
Started to read a book on holiday, only got a couple of chapters in. From
what I can remember, it was based around an estate with different family's
with different stories moving into the houses, the main story was about a
mother with two daughters. I think the mother has a drinking problem and
she had to come home from a party early with the other people from the
estate as she had too much to drink and her daughter was looking after her.
The last bit I think I remember was a daughter being found dead, I presumed
the rest of the book would be finding out what happened to her. The front
cover of the book was definetely navy blue and had little drawings of
different houeses on it- laid out like the estate in the book. 
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