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Question: A young woman with psychic abilities enters the mind of a serial killer

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Asked by addiemarie23 on Wed 14, Jun 2017 04:31pm :
I can't remember the title or author. I read it probably 10 years ago. In
it a young woman with the ability to enter people's minds accidentally sees
inside the mind of a killer. She reluctantly tried to help track him down,
and in the end some One gets trapped inside a big glass box underground and
is slowly being sufficated. I thought it was by Heather Graham or a similar
female writer. I know it is not Stealing Shadows by Kay Hooper or Sense of
Evil by Kay Hooper. 
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Comment by pandaboi on Sat 01, Jul 2017 04:32pm:
Reminds me of the movie "The Cell", though I couldn't find any
references to a book it was based


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