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Question: Book about a kid who lives with elderly relatives scared of electricity and a firework factory.

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Asked by mrbigah on Thu 15, Jun 2017 12:36am :
Right so I read this book when I was younger it must date from the late
90's to mid 2000's
I thought it was a Anthony Horowitz book as its in a similar style. But I
don't think is by him. 
There's a main character a kid. He lives with an elderly relative/relatives
ether grandparents or two aunts or similar. They are very
scared/mistrusting of electricity and as a result have removed all the
light bulbs in the house and won't turn anything on in case the electricity
jumps out and gets them.
There's a baddie who owns what I seem to remember is a firework factory. He
stops the grandparent from helping the lad by putting a battery on their
doorstep which of course they are too scared to go past. 
I seem to recall some vicious guard dogs at the factory...
And that's it! It was quite a light hearted modern book in Anthony's style.

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