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Question: 1980's Anti-terrorist for hire with specialized japanese skills living in spain

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Asked by mcooper55 on Thu 15, Jun 2017 02:03pm :
Trying to locate a book where an american orphan boy is taken under the
wing of a japanese officer.  He is taught martial arts including a very
special one using everyday items.  hes imprisoned after WW2 in an isolated
cell and develops a 6th sense when someone is thinking of him and he's
never able to be photographed. His niche in life eventually is making money
killing terrorist's for hire by different countries.  He uses knowledge of
key govt officials to enter the countries and do his work and leave.  If
they dont release him he tells them what he has on someone and the
information could be released.  He lives in spain near pyrenees and enjoys
spelunking. He speaks basque he taught himself while in prison after ww2.
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Comment by steve on Mon 19, Jun 2017 05:43am:
Shibumi by
Trevanian Good
Hunting, Steve


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