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Question: Girl held prisoner told to paint a greenhouse

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Asked by melissa on Thu 15, Jun 2017 02:20pm :
I've been trying to find a book i read in the late 80's, the only portion I
remember was a girl being held in a large greenhouse or dome and told to
paint the glass so that it kills the large plant inside the
dome/greenhouse.  I believe there's another kid there who was told to do
the same thing but shares with her that as well as painting, each day he
also secretly peels some of the paint so the plant would live.

I always thought this was from 'wrinkle in time' but I just read the first
two books of the series and it was not in either book.  

Please help!  :)
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Comment by rocambole on Sat 17, Jun 2017 10:13am:
I think that's The Owlstone Crown, by X. J. Kennedy - there's a review
and I'm pretty sure I remember they're told to paint over the glasshouse
the Moonflower vine's in.
Comment by melissa on Thu 27, Jul 2017 09:02am:
You are correct that was the book i was looking for.  thank you so much
for your help. it had been driving me crazy.


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