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This question was answered on Sat 01, Jul 2017 09:08pm by sallievern

Question: Children's book with real pictures of a doll and teddy bear (80's or before)

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Asked by melissa on Thu 15, Jun 2017 02:28pm :
Looking for a children's book that had real detailed photos of a doll (and
maybe her teddy bear).   
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Answer by sallievern on Sat 01, Jul 2017 09:08pm:
"The Lonely Doll" by Dare Wright
"Once there was a little doll. Her name was Edith. She lived in a nice
house and had everything she needed except someone to play with. She was
lonely! Then one morning Edith looked into the garden and there stood two
bears! Since it was first published in 1957, The Lonely Doll has
established itself as a unique children's classic. Through innovative
photography Dare Wright brings the world of dolls to life and entertains us
with much more than just a story. Edith, the star of the show, is a doll
from Wright's childhood, and Wright selected the bear family with the help
of her brother. With simple poses and wonderful expressions, the cast of
characters is vividly brought to life to tell a story of friendship"

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