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Question: Found book in 2015 - a Teens village attacked, saved by warriors, finds dragon egg, later trained by a guardian of knowledge

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Asked by rh1no23 on Thu 15, Jun 2017 07:25pm :
The book is about a teen boy whose village is attacked and saved by foreign
warriors. He stays with them in their camp. He wanders away for a time and
finds a dragon egg and is then taken in by some sort of guardian of
knowledge who trains both the dragon and the teen. Time slows to a halt
during the training. At the end of the training the guardian gives the teen
gifts and tells him to drink gods blood from some river. The teen  returns
to the foreign warriors camp as a young adult.  The leader of the foreign
warriors sends him to some sort of dragon rider academy. I have looked
everywhere and I am pretty sure about the information i gave. Can someone
please help me find this book?!?
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