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Question: Time traveller assumes the identity of the poet he went back in time to meet

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Asked by juliennemarie on Fri 16, Jun 2017 11:19am :
I swear I just read this book like 6 months ago (end of 2016). A group of
academics set up a time travel drop to meet this poet that they know is
going to be at a pub or an inn or something. The main character gets
separated from the group and ends up stranded in the past. He assumes the
identity of the poet, who never showed up where he was meant to be. The
main character encounters a group of evil, crippled circus people who live
underground. The father of their leader used to do "experiments" on his
gang, and all the rejects are still living in the dungeon part of their
lair. There's a woman who becomes involved with the main character, first
appearing as a boy, but later revealed to be a woman. There's also like a
shapeshifter who is terrorizing the city and the main character and the
woman are trying to track him down and stop him. At the end of the book the
main character, who has been writing down all the poetry he can remember
from the missing poet, realizes that the poet doesn't actually exist, and
he himself was the poet all along. 
I really wanted to recommend this book to my dad, and it is driving me
crazy that I can remember so much of the book but not the title or author!
Google was no help! Any help here is GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!
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Comment by rocambole on Sat 17, Jun 2017 09:47am:
The Anubis Gates, by Tim Powers.
Comment by juliennemarie on Sun 18, Jun 2017 11:59am:
Oh my gosh, THANK YOU, rocambole!
Comment by rocambole on Sun 18, Jun 2017 02:08pm:
Glad to help - it's one of my favourite books!


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