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Question: Book from around 2010 - group of adventurers must defeat a sea creature to save the world

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Asked by jax9697 on Fri 16, Jun 2017 10:12pm :
Ok, I need help. I am trying to remember the name of a fantasy book I had a
while ago. I can only remember bits of what happened in the book. The book
was blue. I believe the cover had a man standing on land/a rock staring out
at the ocean. He may have had a sword. His hair was white...I think. The
title either was one word, or just had the main word in big letters. That
word started with an "L." I think.
What I remember about the book is that it made a big deal in the beginning
about how the main group of people were adventurers. NEVER to be confused
with mercenaries or anything of the kind, because the life of an adventurer
was far worse. The beginning took place on a ship. There was the main guy
and his group. The only other character I can remember was a non-human
female who had some form of relationship with the main guy. I also recall
her race came from a far different culture from humans, and I think she'd
get pissy when choices were made that made no sense to her. Ummmmm...and at
some point they had to go kill some giant monster that was the first of
coming destruction for the world. And the main guy, somewhere along the
way, learned that he had some strange power that manifested in the form of
a bloodthirsty other personality. Plus did something to his eyes. Which
were blue.
Help? I hope?
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