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Question: Medical school experimenting on students

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Asked by namaea on Fri 16, Jun 2017 10:15pm :
First read 16 year ago. Students stay on campus to sit an exam to get into
a prestigious medical school. Turns out they are brainwashed over night and
those who succumb to it are the ones who pass the exam, hence their brains
can be manipulated the way the uni needs for their sick experiments. One
guy passes purely because he is just that smart, unbeknownst to the school.
He end up revealing the twisted motives after meeting "burn patients" they
are actually drugged students who can't scream for help and are being
experimented on.

I never got to finish this book. Please help me find it!
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Comment by knightshift on Sat 17, Jun 2017 02:50am:
Select by F.Paul Wilson


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