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Question: Boy growing up in forest

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Asked by jingram on Sat 17, Jun 2017 06:10am :
A boy lives in an idyllic forest in either Canada or North America. The
trees are huge and the forest is in a pristine almost primeval state. It is
hauntingly beautiful. I think he is from a settler family and perhaps his
father is a forest worker. Either the boy or some one close to him is
killed ( or possibly gravely injured) when a tree falls and breaks his
back. The title is "(Boys name) of the (Forest's name)". The forests name
is something like Tinderlust or Evermore but that is not quite right. It
just has an unusual and romantic name. I read it as a child in the 60s but
I think it may have been written in the 1920s + or - 20 years. That is just
a retrospective impression though.

The boy is a child of nature and it made a huge impression on me. I had
forgotten about it for 50 years but it came into my mind recently and has
been haunting me since. I think it may have been a classic.
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