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Question: Person lives alone in house in the future. Orders strawberry shake. Discovers slaves made the shake after going outside for first time

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Asked by strawberryshake on Sat 17, Jun 2017 12:47pm :
I believe I read this in the late 90's but maybe up to 2003. The story
starts out with the main character sitting at a computer in their house
where they live alone. In this future world, everyone lives alone and
interacts via  computers. This character has a conversation on the computer
but wonders if the other person is real. Wonders if anyone else is real. At
one point they order a strawberry milkshake and it is delivered to them
automatically. They decide to go outside for the first time and see rows
and rows of houses just like theirs. They walk into coming to a wall. They
climb the wall and look over to see a big city of people slaving away to
fulfill the needs of the people that live in the houses. 

This is all I can remember about the story. I appreciate any help you can
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