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Question: Lighthearted fantasy/romance - surgery to make couples empathic to each other.

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Asked by rune1225 on Sat 17, Jun 2017 02:44pm :
Read this in the last couple years. Main character is female engaged to a
coworker. They decide to have a procedure done that will make them sense
each others feelings and thoughts but she connects with a different
coworker who is the nerdy geeky guy.
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Comment by squish on Sun 18, Jun 2017 12:31am:
Crosstalk by Connie Willis.

Briddey Flannigan is an expert in
communication, working on the frontlines of the smartphone arms race at
a major telecom company. When the new boyfriend, dreamy Trent Worth
proposes after just six weeks, her main concern is keeping the snoopy
office gossips from alerting her family, the sure-to-disapprove
Flannigan clan. The issue is that Trent hasn't proposed marriage, he's
proposed something far more intimate: an EED. A simple surgical
procedure that allows an emotionally bonded couple to sense each other's
feelings. What could go wrong? Everything, at least, according to her
family members and C.B. Schwartz, the eccentric genius who works out of
her company's basement.


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