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Question: Girl is murdered at party by her sister but the newly made ghost doesnt realize that it was her sister and has to figure it out and why

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Asked by mikaylawhite on Sat 17, Jun 2017 07:32pm :
Okay so I read this book no earlier than 2010 so not that long ago. This
girl throws a party and it's a sleepover. Her family is rich and has a boat
and dock and lives right by the water so that's where the people sleep at
including herself for the night. She wakes up and goes out onto the dock
and just sits there for some reason and her sister ( she doesn't know it's
her sister I think ) is awake as well and drowns her. Also, the ghost girl
while she was living killed a boy she knew i think while he was on his bike
or something. He helps her figure out who killed her and why. On the cover
of the book I had, it's a swing with fog all around the bottom and top and
the girl( newly made ghost girl ) is sitting on it with her head down with
her dark hair covering her face. She's wearing a white dress I think too. I
can't for the life of me remember the booKS title or author though. All I
remember is that is was very very long. I'd say 400 or more pages I think 
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Comment by squish on Sun 18, Jun 2017 12:36am:
Between by Jessica


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