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Question: young adult book about a girl and a boy and their love and the trials they face

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Asked by xoxofijibabyxoxo on Sat 17, Jun 2017 09:04pm :
What's the name of the book about a girl who is attacked by her boyfriend
and mother, she's stabbed in the leg and has to escape. She runs away on a
bus to her grandparents or uncles farm. They meet her at the bus station
and bring the neighbor guy to help. she's stand-offish and rude to him. The
boy lives on the farm next door and she ends up falling in love with him.
they meet under "their" tree between their yards. he's got a scholarship to
to to school. just before he's about to leave for college they plan to meet
up under their tree, but her ex-boyfriend shows up instead and attacks and
rapes her. she withdraws from the world and even her family and best friend
can't do anything to snap her out of it. She refuses to tell anyone and her
relationship with the guy falls apart. there's a second or third book with
this that finally has her telling everyone what happened to her and then
they all have to deal with the consequences of that. Can anyone tell me
what the name of the book/ books are? I've been trying to find this book
for months and can't seem to find it. I read it years ago.
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