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Question: Book called Stolen or Taken. Witch viewed as bad apparently steals child and house is burned down, she runs and changes herself into a child and remembers nothing.

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Asked by peach on Sun 18, Jun 2017 12:11am :
A book called either Stolen or Taken (pretty sure it's Stolen) is about
this witch who saves a baby from her older sister who tries to kill her by
pushing her in a hole. That girl is given to this couple (forgot their
names) found and named her Raven. The witch is viewed as bad in the village
and when the baby goes missing, the witch's house is burned and the witch
escapes and tens herself into a child (she gives the child aka Raven to the
couple actually) but remembers nothing about it. She goes a while thinking
that she was the child the witch took, until the end when the older sister
pushes her down the hole again in attempt to kill her. The older sister is
turned into a baby so she does not cause any more trouble. What's the
author's name?
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Comment by steve on Tue 20, Jun 2017 11:00am:
Stolen by  Vivian Vande
Velde? Good
Hunting, Steve


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