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Question: 70s? Man flies large ballon over house to stop jets landing at airport nearby

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Asked by bookguy on Sun 18, Jun 2017 04:51am :
Probably from the 70s or 80s.

Man has lived in his house in the suburbs for years... Recently the local
Airport nearby has either changed Landing patterns, or opened a new runway.
Suddenly he has large Commercial Passenger jets flying low over his house
every 10-15(?) minutes. Its Incredibly LOUD and shakes the house every time
they fly over. He cant even sell the house, as soon a buyer is interested
and looking around he comes another jet, and the buyer is running for the
door screaming there is no way I am going to live here...

IF I recall correctly he tries talking to Airport planning boards and the
local community and city Boards, but gets no where. They more or less tell
him "Its Progress! Your screwed".

So he gets and Flies a large WWII Barrage Balloon tethered in his backyard
1000' up in the air. Now the Jets can't use that landing pattern and have
to go around and use another runway to land at the airport.

Well naturally the Airport complains but technically he is not breaking any
Laws so the police cant do anything.....

I am pretty sure this book came out about the time when Many US airports
were expanding and Many local communities had to deal with the new landing
patterns that put jets just above there houses and the resulting noise the
screaming jet engines were making.

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