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Question: Book about a girl at college that is bullied and meets a boy and falls in love

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Asked by ioana1231 on Sun 18, Jun 2017 07:52am :
I think that this book was wrote in 2000-2014 and it's about a girl that
feels that she doesn't belong anywhere. She is bullied all the time and is
not understood by her parents. When her mother tells her to go to a party
to find her brothers she witnesses a father beating his boy and she
recognizes him and interferes.She brings bandages for the boy and helps him
with his bruises and then leaves. I know that the book is written from
their both points of view. After this point I'm not sure what happened but
I think that they will be at the same college and become friends and then
fall in love. I think at the end of the book his father's stabs him and we
find out that he cuts himself sometimes to ease his pain and feelings.
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