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Question: 90s book Teen who discovers soul travel with red/silver cord

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Asked by pinkly on Sun 18, Jun 2017 08:47am :
I read this book in the mid 90s about the teacher who discovered their soul
could travel outside of their body as their soul was "attached" to their
body by a silver or red cord. But they couldn't be separated for long
because it left their body open, without a soul. One day this over
spirit/soul sees them out of body so they take over the body and the
original soul is stuck outside of it, having no control over the body or
the actions. 
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Comment by sallievern on Sun 18, Jun 2017 09:29am:
You might be thinking of "Keeper of the Children" by William H
Halloran "Hallahan alternates between first-rate suspense (Catch Me:
Kill Me, 1977) and third-rate occultery, like this Fu Manchuish
mumbo-jumbo about a Tibetan monk who has cast some sort of wham-bam
mind-spell on a number of teenagers in the Philadelphia suburbs: they
blindly cio his bidding, complete with saffron robes and begging bowls.
Eddie Benson, father of the monk's latest convert, joins up with other
angry parents--all of whom die mysteriously. And when Eddie himself
barely survives an encounter with a marionette brought to life by the
monk's mind-power, he realizes that he's up against one heavy
psychokinetic dude, ""an oobie with PK"" in fact. (""Monks. Yes. They're
the heavyweights of the occult world."") So Eddie naturally decides to
take lessons in mind-over-matter from Yogi Sanjay Nullatumbi, who
instructs him how to stare at a wall for two weeks and thus coax his
soul out of his body: ""I left by the top of my head and I floated over
my body. . . . And I had a thin cord attached to me."" Now armed with
the ability to leave his bed, Eddie can go and do battle against the
monk. ""If you can attack him in the astral plane, you will have a
tremendous initial advantage. You must seize his silver cord and break
it."" So--onward to the hilarious duel of the silver cords (they get
tangled). How can someone who writes so well (The Ross Forgery, 1973)
also write so badly? Must be them astral spirits messing with his silver
Comment by pinkly on Sun 18, Jun 2017 11:12am:
That is not it, but thank you for your answer 
Comment by pinkly on Sun 18, Jun 2017 11:16am:
Found it! Stranger with my face by lois duncan!


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