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Question: Found around 2008-2011, about boy who goes to another world to fight a bad guy that's going to destroy a secret universe

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Asked by tswagner on Sun 18, Jun 2017 07:13pm :
I only remember that the kid was on his way to a basketball game and he got
taken to another world somehow and got brought into a fight to save the
universe. It's a serious with around be ten books, there is like a middle
earth, a past earth where they fight a zeppelin, a future earth, and there
is always one bad guy they are trying to stop that always teams up with
somebody. There is also Like an all water world where they use compressed
water as a projectile instead of bullets. Stuff like that. 
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Comment by squish on Mon 19, Jun 2017 12:04am:
Pendragon Series by D.J. MacHale.
Bobby Pendragon's Uncle Press shows up unexpectedly and sweeps him
away to another "territory" ... Reluctant and scared, Bobby wants to
return to his perfect life at home, where he was considered smart,
popular, a jock, and not to mention the love interest of the coolest
girl in his grade. But no such luck; he must learn how to use his
Traveler powers to help save this world...


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