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Question: Science and nonfiction

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Asked by eboyer on Thu 06, Jul 2017 09:36pm :
The book was about dinosaurs and other animals throughout history. I
discovered the book when I was 8 to 12 years old but the book looked a lot
older than that so I'm guessing the book was 1990's.What I remember is the
dinosaur part where a pterodactyl lands on the ocean and can't get up
unless there are waves to help it fly again, another thing I remember was a
grizzly bear vs a T. rex and the bear wins, also it compared a modern
armadillo with an ancient one. Then it went on  about rodents starting to
compete with dinosaurs and eat there eggs. The next chapter after that was
about ice age animals and how the wooly mammoths and wooly rhinoceros were
getting stuck in the tar pits and the younger sabre tooth tigers jumped out
to eat them but they got stuck as well as the vultures that tried to eat
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