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This question was answered on Sat 08, Jul 2017 03:57pm by noblefruitcake

Question: [SOLVED] Sci-fi/dystopian - boy named Gen who lives in an underground city; book might be called The Guardian

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Asked by noblefruitcake on Fri 07, Jul 2017 12:24am :
EDIT: The book is called Guardian of the Dark by Bev (or Beverley) Spencer.
Thank you, bookel!

I first read this book in the mid-late 1990s. The boy, Gen (I think, short
for General, because that is what he is supposed to grow up to be) lives in
an underground city because above-ground is no longer livable (nuclear war

One of the first scenes in the book is Gen wanting to play basketball with
the other kids, but they shun him because of who he is (son of a
high-ranking official/general, and going to be a general himself one day).

He befriends a girl and the two of them explore the underground city. They
find a ship or missile (they don't know what the technology is as they've
never seen it -- they call it Dragon because I think that's what the ship's
name is). I think they set it off; there's an automated voice or something
counting down.

At the end, they are exiled from the city. Once they reach above-ground,
they discover it is livable and they were perhaps lied to. 

I think the cover is a light blue with a boy and a girl in the forefront
and an old man/wizard-esque figure standing in the background on steps; I
think the boy had dark hair and the girl white-blond. 

I can't find anything on this book, so if anyone has an idea... would be
greatly appreciated.
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Answer by noblefruitcake on Sat 08, Jul 2017 03:57pm:
Thanks so much, bookel! The book is called Guardian of the Dark by Bev
Spencer -- this is the cover I'm familiar with: https://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/obj/015020/f1/nlc007961-v6.jpg
(I almost got the description right, heh).

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Comment by sfreader on Fri 07, Jul 2017 02:23am:
The City of Ember?
Comment by bookel on Sat 08, Jul 2017 03:24am:
Any of these? Check individual books for alternate covers.
Comment by bookel on Sat 08, Jul 2017 03:56pm:
Good cover. I'm curious to read that one. Now added to the list properly
as it is on LibraryThing. :)
Comment by noblefruitcake on Sun 09, Jul 2017 10:44pm:
It was a very good book :) I'm now looking for a copy to re-read. I'm
also adding a few books from your list to my "to read" list -- it looks
like a great list and I've missed a lot of those books!


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