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Question: YA, sickly boy never allowed outside, mean friend

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Asked by undercovermagi on Fri 07, Jul 2017 12:24pm :
Read this book in the YA section of my library in the early 2000's and I've
been looking for it for years.  It's a book about a very sickly boy that's
never allowed outside due to his mother being very overprotective. What I
remember from the book is that one day he is at his front yard by his fence
when he meets this other boy. This other boy is mean and taunts him. They
are friends for several years. He's mean to him and there's some strange
aura around him. When the boy dies as a young man he calls him to his death
bed and the mean young man says "I didn't want to see you die, idiot" but
as the boy dies with a soft smile the mean friend smiles. 
The book cover was black with red letters. This is all I remember. It's
been years! 
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