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Question: Book about people being afraid of all magic after some great disaster caused by it

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Asked by abarai on Sat 08, Jul 2017 08:48pm :
The main character is a young girl living in what it seem to be the Middle
Ages but is not, there is no technology after some great cataclysm that had
to do with magic, now everyone fears anything magical and anything that
glows because that means that it has been touched by magic. There's
residual magic in the land which makes it very dangerous for people to go
outside of their village. She has a baby sister be born with white hair
which again, it means she has magic so her parents abandon her in the
woods, she follows them to rescue the baby but she is too late and the baby
dies. Somehow the baby leaves a ghostly echo of herself and the girl ends
up carrying her ghostly baby sister with her in a journey to a far away
place. She gets to another village were people don't fear magic and is
shock to find out that they are able to grow food without being hurt by the
land, in this place she tries a fruit for the first time is either an apple
or an orange. I read it about 15 years ago but I have no idea how old the
book was. I appreciate any help provided. 
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