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Question: Monks, Monastary and Ringing a Bell at Christmas

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Asked by clamgirl on Sun 09, Jul 2017 04:10pm :
The book is about this kid, and there's this old monastery in the town and
he and his friend believer that it's haunted by like a monster (I think it
was a vampire). Anyway there's this rumor that the monster kills his
victims and buries them in the courtyard and so his friend dares him to
climb up on the wall and he does and he ends up falling in and he sees 13
graves and this old guy appears asking him if he's alright and the kid gets
scared and tries to run away but his pants get stuck on like a rosebush and
rip and he has to leave them behind. Then later when he gets home this guy
who is a monk at that monastery is at his house. So when the kid fell he
broke something (?) I don't remember quite, or his parents think it would
be nice to make it up to the monk for trespassing, so his parents tell him
he has to do some community yard work for the monk.
And so he's having to mow the law with like one of those old ones with a
spinning blade and it's really hard for him to push, and the monk leaves
him out like bread with a really good honey jam and a lemonade. Eventually
he asks the Monk where that jam is from and he says that he and another
monk made it before he died. All those graves are the monk's friend's and
he's the last one and he's living all alone now.
Anyway so he gets to know a bit about him like how he became a monk and
stuff. At some point the kid decides to use a loud modern lawnmower to mow
the lawn but the monk comes out telling him it's too loud and he can't pray
or something. So later they become friends and it's pretty cute. The kid
learns that they used to ring the bells on Christmas but they haven't ran
for like 20 years because they're too old. So for Christmas the kid decides
to ring the bell for Christmas for the monk. So he wakes up early on
christmas sneaks in and rings the bell for like and hour (he just held on
as long as he could). So he heads to the main hall and finds the monk with
tears in his eyes clutching his heart and he says "beautiful" and
collapsed. THEN HE DIES. 
So then the kid is visiting the monastery where there are now FOURTEEN
GRAVES and putting flowers on his friend's grave when a hand touches him
from behind and it's a nun, and her and 14 others nuns have moved in and
she says they appreciated what he did for the monk that they'd still like
to have him as their bell ringer in the future. The book was kind of
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