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Question: Title of book that includes penguins and the afterlife

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Asked by ca1918 on Sun 09, Jul 2017 06:27pm :
Hello. I love this book, but cannot remember the title or the author. The
story centers around a young woman and the afterlife. As people die, they
go to the next "level." They live a "normal" life until the last person on
Earth dies, then they disappear...but where they go to is a mystery. The
last woman on Earth dies while watching penguins for I believe Pepsi. Does
anyone know the author and/ or title? Thank you.
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Comment by squish on Sun 09, Jul 2017 08:27pm:
The Brief History of the Dead by Kevin
Brockmeier. https://www.amazon.com/Brief-History-Dead-Kevin-Brockmeier/dp/1400095956


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