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Question: A girl who goes looking for her friend in the woods

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Asked by donya on Sun 09, Jul 2017 07:57pm :
I read this at least 3 years ago but it was about a girl whose best friend
(I think he was male) went missing one day so she went looking for him in
the woods and I think it was snowy or something because the cover of the
book had a girl walking in snow with her back faced toward you. So on her
search she spent the night at this seemingly nice couple's house but then
they revealed they turned kids into flowers because they wouldn't leave and
they'd be pretty and they wanted to do the same with her (I know it sounds
crazy) and I vaguely remember her running into some witch or wizard or
something but I'm not sure about that. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME ITS DRIVING
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Comment by crypticc on Wed 19, Jul 2017 12:10am:
"Breadcrumbs" by Anne
Ursu! http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/10637959-breadcrumbs


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