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This question was answered on Wed 12, Jul 2017 02:47pm by sallievern

Question: book from late 1980's-90's-- about a group of girls that live in a house in a forest find a hurt rabbit

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Asked by peggy webb on Mon 10, Jul 2017 06:56am :
i used to have a book as a little girl in the late 80's or early 90's and
it was my favorite book. I always wanted to give it to my kids. Now i have
a young daughter and i have lost that book. I can't remember the title or
author, but it was about a group of young girls that all lived in a small
house/cottage in a forest and one day they found a rabbit in a trap, badly
hurt. They took the rabbit home and cared for it until it was healthy
again. That is all that i remember. I know it is not much to go on. Any
help would be greatly appreciated!!
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Answer by sallievern on Wed 12, Jul 2017 02:47pm:
"Once Upon a Time in the Meadow" by Rose Selarose
"this is such a sweet book about six cousins living together who spend
their days cooking and playing together and taking care of each other. the
story itself isn't all that realistic (little girls living together sans
adults in the middle of no where) but the illustrations of the girls, their
different personalities and clothes, their home and the animals and scenery
are beautiful and fun - something that appealed to me as a child that loved
to draw and paint and make use of my imagination. the plot, while again is
not very realistic, is still a sweet one - the girls come across a hurt
rabbit in their travels and help nurse it back to health and return it to
the wild. very happy to come across a copy of this out of print book for my
nieces, who i think will appreciate it as much as i did."

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Comment by peggy webb on Mon 10, Jul 2017 03:59pm:
Thank you so very much, sallievern!!! I am so happy that you knew what
book it is!! My daughter will be thrilled!!!


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