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Question: Book series from the early 2000s, guy finds out he's a prince in a magic world after his girlfriend drowns at the beginning/before the story begins

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Asked by lipah on Mon 10, Jul 2017 11:18pm :
I'm trying to track down the name of a book series, that I think was a
trilogy. My friend and I read the series in the early 2000s but we only
read the first two books. These are all the details we can remember about

The main character is male, teenager or early 20s. 
His girlfriend drowns in a river at the start of the novel or before it
begins. (I think that she was in a vehicle that crashed into the river and
drowned because of it)
He finds out he has some kind of connection to a magical world that the
normal world doesn't know about. 
He also finds out that he is a prince in this world. 
I remember a scene in one of the books where he has a nightmare or
something where he sees his dead girlfriend in the river and talks to her.
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