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Question: book about jesus as an alien in atlantis.

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Asked by harberion on Tue 11, Jul 2017 01:51am :
My grandfather told me of a book he read awhile ago. Its plots started on a
planet where aliens were brains in a jar and they created a race of
humanoids to populate the galaxy, they landed on earth and founded the city
of atlantis and used drills to get geothermal power. after they are forced
to destroy atlantis by the growing human population a spaceship comes to
earth years later containing an alien whose name is "Jesu Christi". It was
a short book and he said there was some controversy around its release. it
is also probably an old book from the 60's. thank you in advance.

P.s. if you can find somewhere that sells it online or you have a copy i
would be willing to buy. I plan on giving it as a present to my Grandfather
as he desires to read it again.
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