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Question: Runaway girl falls in love with a dragon

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Asked by howahm on Tue 11, Jul 2017 10:39am :
Im trying to remember a book I read about a poor girl in an old mythical
village. Her mom is like a town prostitute and when she dies the town runs
the girl out. She is like 12 then. She walks around all different lands on
foot and she finds a dragon egg or a baby animal at a carnival or
something, She raises it and when it is an adult it turns into a dragon and
she falls in love with the adult dragon. I think this book was mid 90s. 
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Comment by sfreader on Tue 11, Jul 2017 11:58am:
Pigs Don't Fly by Mary Brown.It's the second of a series.
Pigs Don't
Fly 1. The Unlikely Ones (1986) 2. Pigs Don't Fly (1994) 3. Master of
Many Treasures (1995) 4. Dragonne's Eg (1999) Here There Be Dragonnes
(omnibus) (2003)
Comment by howahm on Tue 11, Jul 2017 12:32pm:
Thats totally it! Thank you so much!!


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