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Question: Older romance novel (maybe 80s) about woman who gets amnesia

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Asked by bookworm.catlady on Tue 11, Jul 2017 08:49pm :
I read this book 10+ years ago. I didn't get to finish it because my mother
didn't approve of my 14 year old self reading romance novels. But this is
what I remember.

A woman is in love with a man, but betrothed to someone else. She married
this man and moves to his castle with his sister. The woman is miserable
and is suspicious of her husband and sister in law. She walks in on them
having incestuous relations and they force her to join. Eventually
something happens to her husband and he becomes paralyzed or something. She
leaves the castle to go back home. Later, I don't remember how, she ends up
in another country, I think it was Egypt or somewhere exotic, and is
brought to a brothel type place and she has amnesia. 

That's as far as I got before the book was taken from me. Any help is much
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