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Question: Guy works on a harsh planet to pre-pay off prison time BEORE the crime

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Asked by drestinblack on Wed 12, Jul 2017 05:23am :
There is a planet where working on it (mining a rare element) is SO harsh
that almost no one survives very long but if you work there you can earn
time off a prison sentence, BEFORE you commit the crime. Like prepaying the
prison time. This guy earns enough to pardon a full murder so when he
returns to normal places he can basically sell the murder
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Comment by steve on Wed 12, Jul 2017 11:07am:
This is a short story, I WANT to say Timothy Zahn, there were three men
who had completed their pre-sentence (as I remember it is only for first
degree murder- a twenty year sentence and you are free kill anybody you
are able to) and were discussing who/why they wanted to kill. The last
scene one man was upset and threw something through a store window, the
police showed up to arrest him and he told them to take it out of his
life sentence. The problem is my books are packed away and I can't
find the anthology for you, Sorry. Good Hunting, Steve
Comment by sfreader on Wed 12, Jul 2017 10:50pm:
I remember this. When the man is freed, all his acquaintances assume he
is coming to kill them, because of things they did he didn't even know
about-his business partner was cheating him, his wife had an affair,


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