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Question: Book from 2010s- girl who tries and rekindles relationship with her best friend from when they were kids, who is now in a popular band with his brothers

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Asked by sydney_13 on Wed 12, Jul 2017 07:41pm :
There's a girl who lived in a town her whole life, and then a boy moves in
next door to her, this boy has a family of boys. the girl and the youngest
boy eventually become friends due to both having no mothers in common.
Eventually the one boy and his brothers create a band and the girl always
helps them with their band progress. ALthough there is an obvious
attraction between the boy and the girl, nothing romantic ever happens.
When the boys band becomes popular they go on tour or something band
related, and the girl cannot go. While the girls best friend is gone she
gets into a "relationship" with a guy from her school that screws her over
and send out pictures of her naked or something like that. THis then gives
the girl anxiety and she becomes suicidal. Months or a year or so later,
the girl goes to college while the boys band becomes very popular. WHile
the girl is in college, her roommates and therapist, finds out she knows
this very popular superstar aka her old best friend. Her therapist tries to
push the girl to make contact with the boy, in turn she makes contact and
the boy responds telling her to come to a show. The girl and her roommates
decide to go on a roadtrip to the concert. With this the girl and the boys
relationship begins to rekindle and they eventually fall back in love and
finally act on the attraction. Then the drama with the girls nudes comes
into play, and the bo gets mad at the goy who's ent them than the girl. The
boy goes back to the old town and beats the boy who sent the pictures. This
lands him in jail, which messes up the band, and the girl is angry that the
boy when pt himself and the band in that situation. IN the end everything
turns out ok, and the boy and girl lives happily ever after.

Please, please, please try and find this book, I will go crazy is I cant
find it. 
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Comment by beanne25 on Wed 12, Jul 2017 10:17pm:
Ransom by Rachel Schurig


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