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Question: Modern times/2000's: Girl's boyfriend dies and then he comes back to life so she hides him from everyone.

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Asked by legitcookiez on Wed 12, Jul 2017 10:55pm :
I remember reading this book that had a girl and the boy she loved died but
then she discovered him or something and he was super different. Like, he
didn't know he had died and his skin was cool and pale and all he wanted to
do was cuddle her and kiss her and know about her day. He was just in this
dream-like state where everything was ok and she would just go along with
it because she was really shocked that he was "alive." She would hide him
from the world in like the loft at her house or something? Or maybe it was
a library because they read a lot of books. Most of what I can remember is
just them hanging out together because she missed him and at one point I
think he gets out a guitar and plays her a love song?? And I have no idea
where or when I read this but it takes place in modern times. I really want
to know what this book is! ;-;
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