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Question: Fairy, Two Children and Toy Boat on a River Bank

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Asked by jrobertlloyd on Thu 13, Jul 2017 04:06am :
Does anyone know how I can find a vintage children's book without
remembering the title or names of the author/illustrator?
I've tried typing in what I remember about the storyline into search
engines, I've tried the advanced searches on vintage book finding and
selling sites etc. 
I've tried describing the front cover into all of the above and even eBay
and amazon!

The front cover, from what I remember, was purple and blue shades, with a
picture of a fairy(ies), two children and a toy boat on a river bank.
The story line is about the two children with the toy boat, they go down to
the river bank to sail it and find a miniature fairy cake.
They sneak out at night back down to the river bank and search for the
fairies and find them having a party.
I can't remember much else.

Many thanks
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Comment by jrobertlloyd on Fri 14, Jul 2017 08:30am:


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