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Question: SOLVED 1980? Italian grandfather cries at smells and foods from his childhood

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Asked by lkl on Thu 13, Jul 2017 06:28am :
This is a book I read in about 1980. The scene I remember is a boy going
over to his friend's house for dinner. The friend's grandfather cries all
the time - when he smells frying peppers, when eating ravioli - because it
reminds of his own childhood. The protagonist in turn gets tear-eyed at
dinner, and says that years later, any time he eats "these soft pillows,"
even just out of a can, he gets a lump in his throat, remembering.
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Comment by crypticc on Wed 19, Jul 2017 12:06am:
"The Cybil War" by Betsy
Byars http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/534963.The_Cybil_War I know
it might not sound like it, but the scene you describe comes up when
Tony is being a jerk to Simon (main character) over Cybil, and Simon is
trying to remember why he and Tony are friends. He remembers Tony being
kind to his grandfather.
Comment by lkl on Wed 19, Jul 2017 03:19am:
Oh yes, that's it. Thank you!


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