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Question: Old mystery series ski resort money laundering pulled mask off and it was

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Asked by vickijennifer on Thu 13, Jul 2017 11:47am :
When I was younger I used to go to my nanas house and read her old
childrens books. One was a really good series. One of the books was about
these young adults going on holiday to a ski resort. Someone is stealing
money and handing out fakes. It turns out the badpeople were friends of the
holiday resort.
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Comment by kitap on Fri 14, Jul 2017 01:58am:
This might be Trixie Belden and the Mystery on Mead's Mountain.
Comment by vickijennifer on Fri 14, Jul 2017 10:13pm:
Thank you so much! Thats the one. Its been in my head for ages


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