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Question: just like "the visit" - children visit creepy grandparents

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Asked by willowstream on Thu 13, Jul 2017 03:08pm :
my friend was telling me about the movie The Visit (2015), when i realized
i remembered the plot from a horror book i read ages ago as a kid.
basically, these two kids go visit who they THINK are their grandparents
for the first time. they've never had a good relationship with them. but it
turns out that these people aren't their real grandparents! they were the
grandparents' patients at a mental institution (i know...) who murdered
them and stole their identity. now they're terrorizing the kids.
there may have also been a scene where the boy runs out into the woods and
hides in a log. i really remember this book as taking place in a forest-y,
rustic environment.
anyway, if anyone remembers anything, let me know! this whole scenario with
the movie is so weird.
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Comment by squish on Thu 13, Jul 2017 10:58pm:
 That sounds a bit like The House On The Gulf by Margaret Peterson


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