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Question: Book from 2010s- this is a werewolf romance, in which a girl is told she is dying, and moves to the middle of no were to die alone where then two werewolf alphas from rival packs find out that she is both their mates

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Asked by sydney_13 on Thu 13, Jul 2017 04:34pm :
A woman with cancer I believe is told by her doctor or the women decided to
stop treatment, so either way she is dying. The women than moves to a cabin
in the middle of nowhere to die alone. Little did she know she was living
on werewolves territory. This territory is where two rival alphas who hate
each other have their packs, somehow both alphas end up at this woman's
house and bothe wolves realize this human girl is both of these guys mates.
Then the guys begin to try and get along due to the love for their
mate,until her sickness gets worse and the males realize there is possibly
one thing to do, which is change her to a wolf. This is where my details
get a
little fuzzy I forget if the girl gets changed into a wolf and then
kidnapped by hunters or something. But that could have happened in the
second book. Yes, I believe this is a series with the same main characters
throughout the books. Also, I know its a menage romance, that I believe I
found on my old goodreads account and now I can't find it.

Please try and find this, I have been looking for months and can not find
it for the life of me and its driving me insane. Please, Please, Please. 
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