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Question: 80s/90s book - a shadowy totalitarian world government, rebels fighting it who are somehow linked to the constellation of Orion

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Asked by israfel on Fri 14, Jul 2017 05:54am :
I encountered this book in the late 80s / early 90s. I was reading many of
the Dragon-coded books (from 5-6 year old type books to teenager-level) so
I initially thought it was one of those, however some of the subject matter
suggests otherwise.

This is amazingly frustrating - I can remember snatches of dialogue from
the book but nothing clear. I remember that the Bad Guys are..._trying_ to
take over the world? Have taken over parts of it? There are atrocities and
torture and the like (which is weird since I was sure it was a childrens
book but maybe it was in the wrong section of the library) and the people
fighting this New Order are...a rag tag bunch of freedom fighters (I
vaguely remember that they're teenagers / young adults?).

The strongest thing I remember is that the constellation Orion is part of
it. Either it's a shared mystical experience that all the rebels hold, or
some kind of guiding force, but it's there.

The book ends with the USA (or at least a country with a large army and a
President in charge) finally waking up to the threat the bad guys show and
stomping them. I remember "...and that made the President push the war
button" as the offhand remark to crushing this New Order.
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Comment by rocambole on Fri 14, Jul 2017 12:18pm:
'A Quest for Orion' by Rosemary Harris. It was published by Puffin in
its Puffin Plus series, which was meant to be for teens, but I think a
lot of libraries/bookshops didn't realise that or shelved it with her
earlier books, which were more child-friendly. A Quest for Orion has the
UK invaded by the "Freaks", with various atrocities; the main girl
character being forced into a whorehouse for Freak troops for
starters.... https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/8980769-quest-for-orion The
sequel's 'Tower of the Stars'.


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