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Question: YA book from pre-2005, maybe 90's: Girl senses that her sibling is in trouble, turns out (s)he is drowning

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Asked by pantouflesrouges on Fri 14, Jul 2017 12:41pm :
I read it in approx. 2004, as early as 2001. It was at the school library,
so probably wasn't brand new at the time; I expect it was written in the
80's or 90's. The version I read may have had a pink hardcover. Middle
school level.
Teenage girl is on summer vacation with her family at a big house near the
ocean or a big lake (I'm less certain about my memory of those parts); she
gets an ESP-type sense while she's in the house that her sibling, maybe a
twin, is in danger. It turns out the sister/brother was drowning. I don't
remember whether they save him/her successfully.
Thank you!!
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