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Question: SOLVED! Girl has romance with shapeshifter, her mom is made of water on a lake? Boy (I think) was in a prison-like place for mythical creatures, girl had evil twin made of fire/light?

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Asked by waverlykk on Fri 14, Jul 2017 04:30pm :
The boy was hot, but one day he shapeshifted into a dorky, acne-ridden kid
and was surprised when the main girl was not disgusted by his looks. He was
really insecure about people actually liking him? I'm not certain about
everything but that's all I remember.

EDIT: the book was also published before 2014 and I read it in 7th grade.
It was from the school library, if that helps.
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Comment by squish on Fri 14, Jul 2017 05:16pm:
Paranormalcy by Kiersten
White? http://www.amazon.com/Paranormalcy-Kiersten-White/dp/0061985856
Comment by waverlykk on Mon 17, Jul 2017 01:30pm:
@squish That's totally it! Thanks so much!!


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