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Question: i read this book in 6th grade? a boy dies, and so a girl goes mute

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Asked by sarahlowry99 on Fri 14, Jul 2017 06:01pm :
So i read this book in the 6th grade, and that was quite some time ago.
only the first part talks about how a boy, i think his name was tommy?
makes pies for this girl he likes in his class. i think they were in the
5th grade. Well the girl tells tommy that she doesnt like him, and then he
dies. She is in such a state of shock that when she is watching this police
show and they say " you have the right to remain silent" she takes that so
seriously that she becomes mute. some other details of the book; the main
plot, i believe, is about the fact that this whole class of 5th graders
dont have a teacher, and what they must do to make it through the day.
another detail is that as boy is moving to hawaii, and he cant bring his
dog with him without having to put him into quarantine for 6 months, and he
doesnt want to do that. so instead he gives the dog to another boy.  in the
end the girl who was mute starts to talk again. ive been thinking about
this book for a while now and ive searched for a long time and i cant find
it anywhere. please help!
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Comment by squish on Fri 14, Jul 2017 09:58pm:
Pdesr solved this one
before. http://www.whatsthatbook.com/index.php?xq=16210 This is
"Flying Solo" by Ralph
Fletcher. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0547076525?ie=UTF8&tag=whatsthatbook-20&linkCode=as2 "Opportunity
is knocking at the door of Mr. "Fab" Fabiano's sixth-grade class. Mr.
Fab is absent and a substitute never arrives. The class wants to prove
that KIDS RULE, so they decide to run the class on their own. Super
smart Karen leads the way in the class routines and most of the kids
join in. But for Rachel White, this isn't just any other day.
Rachel's been silent for six months and communicates by writing notes.
Rachel knows today is exactly six months since their classmate Tommy
Feathers died. In her own way, Rachel reminds the class about this--and
for the first time, Mr. Fab's students reveal their true and sometimes
hurtful thoughts. Where is Mr. Fab's class headed now? The school day
isn't over yet. Will they keep flying solo or crash?"


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