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Question: Guy talks to butterfly in his garden which ultimately enhances his life

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Asked by milzy241 on Sat 15, Jul 2017 10:30am :
I read a book about 10 years ago(the book is older than that, it wasn't a
new book i dont think) about a guy who is at home and captures a butterfly
in his garden. His plan is to have the butterfly mounted in his office so
when he looks at it he can imagine his life as free as the butterflys
because he classes his as dull and mundane. The butterfly talks to him and
explains she is not free but bound to only living in a garden and in fact
the man is free to do whatever he likes such as go to the north pole etc
etc, things she will never be able to do as she is only able to survive in
gardens. I think the butterfly was called Elisabeth / Elizabeth. It was a
real life enhancing book so would love to find it.
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