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Question: Family of 4 are pioneers, son is a scout because he has a pony, has to live with an Indian tribe.

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Asked by princess111 on Sat 15, Jul 2017 07:57pm :
i believe this book was published in the late 60's. It may have the word
buffalo in the title. It is told from the pov of the daughter. The mom
doesn't want to go but decides to in the end. The mom is called "Mama" The
son is about 10 and becomes a scout of the wagon train. Mama has really
long hair she washes once in the story. The boy has to go live with an
Indian tribe at the end and they never see him again. Please help me find
the title. Thanks!
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Comment by squish on Sun 16, Jul 2017 12:23am:
Brave Buffalo Fighter by John D. Fitzgerald. 1973.

Ten-year-old Susan
relates the adventures and frustrations of her family's wagon train
west, culminating when her twelve-year-old brother is asked to turn
himself over to the Indians in order to save the lives of the rest of
party. https://www.amazon.com/Brave-Buffalo-Fighter-John-Fitzgerald/dp/1883937590


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