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Question: Hatfield-McCoy-like feud featuring in romance novel from 1970s/1980s - Appalachia

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Asked by graydove on Sat 15, Jul 2017 11:16pm :
I read this in the 2000s, but it easily could have been published in the
1980s or even 1970s.

I think this was set in Virginia or West Virginia (heroine arrives from DC
at the beginning of the novel.  

I think it might have been a Candlelight Ecstasy Romance.

The female protagonist is a doctor, and her male love interest is a lawyer.
 They are both scions of families on the opposite sides of a Hatfield-McCoy
like feud.  

Both left their communities as the bright individuals they are and decided
to come back to give back to their community.  It seems to have been an era
before ridiculous student loans.  
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