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Question: Science Fiction Robot Book - Boy finds a robot world and creates his fantasy robot friend

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Asked by adament on Sun 16, Jul 2017 10:35am :
I read the book a few years back. It was about a boy on a field trip with
his class, whose grandfather had gone missing a while back. During the
trip, he stumbles upon the entrance and falls in. He runs around, evading
the machines searching for him, when he finds a machine able to recreate
machines from drawings. His friend robot shows him to the citadel, where
his grandfather is being held. Finding his grandfather, he finds him being
kept alive solely by machines. The boy finds out he's something of the
Origin of Robots after swallowing a spark. He saves the Robot world.

His eyes change to a grey color, having changed to robot eyes as well. 

It's been several years since I've read it, so I don't remember a lot of
the details. I'm sorry if I couldn't provide more. Still, I'd like to know
if you could decipher summary.
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